“Into the Woods” : Glasgow, Tuesday, June 12th

“Into the Woods” brings together Stuckemeier’s painting installation “What is the Taste of Magenta?” (2018) and three of Huddleston’s large-scale, archival photographs from the series “Canto 1: The Dark Forest” (2018).

The works of these two artists play with interiority and exteriority. Huddleston’s photographs take the viewer, quite literally “into the woods,” leaving them in a dark interior, one created by the natural world.  Stuckemeier’s free-hanging installation creates an interior space that surrounds the visitor with the sensual experience of magenta, a color that represents the link between heaven and earth.

The spaces created by both of these artists are a locus of transformation, a meeting place between worlds.  Although Stuckemeier’s and Huddleston’s practice span very different media, the resulting works share a clarity and visual simplicity.  Together they leave the viewer on the threshold.

Alexandra Huddleston: https://www.alexandrahuddleston.com

Stuckemeier, Gabriele: https://www.gabrielestuckemeier.com