Title: Vertigo

Status: Published, November 2016

Author: Alexandra Huddleston

Imprint: Blind Cat Valentine LLC

Photographs: 24

Other text: introduction and titles

Language: English

Medium: Hard-cover, Double-section case-binding; Iris Bookcloth, sculpted front cover with tipped-in photograph

Size: 8.5” by 8.5” by 0.625” / 52 pages

Edition Size: 5 (+3 artist's proofs)

Cost: $400.00

Note: Each copy is printed and hand-bound by Alexandra Huddleston

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Vertigo is a limited-edited, hand-bound book that weaves together text and photography as it explores Iceland’s mercurial geography.  On this island in the North Atlantic, in minutes, a mountain can disappear or a valley can become a river of lava.  The rapid flux in the weather, the midnight sun, and the polar night, all provoke a feeling of disorientation.  From small changes in light, weather, season, and the actions of beast and man, to enormous tectonic cataclysm, past and future upheaval waits within the stability and stillness of each photograph.



Title: East or West: A Walking Journey Along Shikoku’s 88 Temple Pilgrimage

Status: Published, October 2014

Author: Alexandra Huddleston

Imprint: Kyoudai Press : Blind Cat Valentine LLC

Photographs: 18

Other text: quotes, foreword, journal entries

Language: English

Medium: Softcover, offset press

Size: 7.75” by 8.25” / 48 pages

Edition Size: 500

Cost: $25.00

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East or West: A Walking Journey Along Shikoku’s 88 Temple Pilgrimage is an abridged diary, an account of a mystical journey, and a photographic poem in the form of a book.  The images are studies in luminous detail, reflecting the loneliness, quiet intensity, and grace that all true spiritual seekers come to know.

In September 2010 (a few days before her thirty-third birthday), the photographer Alexandra Huddleston set out on an 800-mile walk around the island of Shikoku, Japan. To complete the Shikoku Ohenro trail pilgrims worship at 88 temples on the island, following a route that loosely traces the life and legends of the Buddhist saint Kōbō Daishi.  In the course of her journey, from time to time, the material world unexpectedly gave way to a voyage of mystical transformation.  This is the story of East or West.



Title: 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu

Status: Published, September 2013

Author: Alexandra Huddleston

Imprint: Kyoudai Press : Blind Cat Valentine LLC

Photographs: 37 (including cover)

Other Text: quotes, captions, postscript

Language: English and French

Medium: Hardcover, offset press

Size: 6” by 9” / 96 pages


Cost: $50.00

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This photographic book in English and French by Alexandra Huddleston tells a story of discovery: exploring a rich and beautiful African intellectual culture, that of the ancient manuscript libraries of Timbuktu and the culture of scholarship that created them.

Timbuktu, at the edge of the vast Sahara Desert, was little known in the West–except as a byword for the remote and exotic–until militant Islamist groups destroyed many of its religious shrines and ancient manuscripts in 2012.  This hauntingly beautiful book captures a way of life and learning as it was shortly before the militants overran the city.   These photographs depict a moment in time now almost gone, fading into history.  They show a culture of moderate Islam that is under threat–a deeply rooted, ancient Islamic tradition of tolerance, erudition, and faith–and a city that has built its very identity around scholarship and a love of books and learning.



Title: Lost Things

Status: Published, December 2012

Authors: Alexandra Huddleston and Robert Huddleston

Imprint: Kyoudai Press

Photographs: 5 (including the cover)

Poems: 3

Medium: Archival Ink-Jet Printing/ Saddle Stitch

Colors: 1 page of full color; rest printed as Advanced Black and White

Size: 6.5” by 8.5” / 20 pages + cover

Edition Size: 50 (+2 artists’ proofs)


Note: Each book was dated, numbered, and signed by both Alexandra Huddleston and Robert Huddleston.

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Lost Things is a beautiful little artists’ book that intends to break the heart of its reader in five photos and three poems.



Title: Amor Fati

Status: Published, December 2014

Authors: Alexandra Huddleston and Robert Huddleston

Imprint: Kyoudai Press

Photographs: inner and outer cover

Text: 1 poem

Language: English

Medium: Archival Ink-Jet Printing, Saddle Stitch (stapled)

Size: 5.5” by 8.5” / 8 pages

Edition Size: none

more about the book

The Kyoudai Press imprint was originally founded as a collaborative exploration of the reverberations between poetry and photography. With our newly launched Literatura de Cordel / String Literature series, we return to our roots and our mission to create beauty, not to etherize the mind, but rather as the strongest weapon in our battle against apathy, conformity, ignorance, and shallow thinking.

With photography by Alexandra Huddleston and poetry by Robert Huddleston, Amor Fati launches this new chapbook series that is based on Brazil’s popular folk poetry tradition of the literatura de cordel, or string literature. In northeast Brazil, poets and artists sell inexpensive, handmade chapbooks at fairs and markets. The covers are decorated with woodblock prints and the books are displayed suspended from strings. We have changed the form slightly to suit our media and aesthetic, but our literatura de cordel preserves the brevity, liveliness, and accessibility of the tradition.