[March, 2017]  Most of my recent pieces of writing are mini book reviews that I have been posting on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adh2103/

I approach books from a wide variety of genres, with a particular focus on art books and work of art theory and criticism.




Review of Christina Capetillo’s An Everchanging Monument in Photo-eye Blog  [11/2014]

"The seasonal narrative in Christina Capetillo's An Everchanging Monument begins in winter when snow-covered ground and grey skies allow the barren hedges to form intricate, lacy silhouettes that..."  Read More



Review of William Henry Fox Talbot: Beyond Photography in Photo-eye Blog  [4/2014]

"William Henry Fox Talbot: Beyond Photography is an illustrated collection of twelve academic essays on the eponymous inventor of numerous early photographic technologies. The stated aim of the work is to use recent research on Talbot’s archive..." Read More



A Short Story from the (Self-Publishing) Trenches‘ in Photo-eye Blog  [10/2013]

"I am happy to announce the publication of my photography book 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu / 333 Saints : l’esprit du savoir à Tombouctou.

Although this story has a happy ending, make no mistake, the path to the decision to self-publish was filled with frustrations and disappointments. Although photographs from the body of work from Timbuktu were readily accepted into…" Read More



“Thoughts on Book Drafting” (three episodes) in the Kyoudai Press Blog  [5/2013]

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Review of 2012 edition of Walker Evans' American Photographs in Photo-eye Blog  [4/2013]

“In his lively and erudite essay in Walker Evans' first book American Photographs, Lincoln Kirstein writes, ‘The American reading public is fast becoming not even a looking-public, but a glancing or glimpsing public.’ Written for the first edition of the book in 1938, this statement…”  Read More



Review of Viviane Sassen's Parasomnia in Photo-eye Blog  [4/2012]

“The cover photograph of Viviane Sassen's new book Parasomnia shows a young boy floating facedown in flowing water. Only his outstretched arms and his curly hair emerge from the milky-blue current. The ambiguities of this photo set the tone for the book: there is a frequent feeling of suffocation…”  Read More



Review of Graciela Iturbide's Mexico Roma in Photo-eye Blog  [9/2011]

“Graciela Iturbide's newest book Mexico Roma feels and looks like one (beautifully designed) volume from a traveler's archive of scrapbooks. However, this is the only volume published. If its companions exist, they are yet to be made.  At 6.5 by 8 inches and just 96 pages, it's the size and shape of a journal that…”  Read More



Review of Takashi Homma's New Documentary in Photo-eye Blog  [6/2011]

New Documentary is a bilingual exhibition catalogue (Japanese/English) published in conjunction with a traveling retrospective of the photographer's work to date. The exhibitions are being held at three major contemporary art venues in Japan between January 2011 and September 2012. The book itself is a beautifully designed, engaging, and accessible introduction to the work of one of Japan's most prominent contemporary photographers and gives the reader a taste of…”  Read More



Review of Anthony Hamboussi's Newtown Creek in Photo-eye Blog  [12/2010]

“Anthony Hamboussi's Newtown Creek: A Photographic Survey of New York's Industrial Waterway is a book of incongruous beauty. Hamboussi documents the chaotic landscape of an industrial wasteland with the eye of an obsessive collector, combining the gentle pastel washes of a seaside watercolorist with the surreal detailing of…”  Read More