One of the most venerable services of art is to answer our deeply human need to remember the marvelous and how our encounter with it renews and recreates our world.  My work as an artist who creates within this tradition begins with a journey of exploration: to the majlis of Timbuktu’s Islamic scholars, along the Camino de Santiago, into the heart of a poem or idea.  My books and photographs document these encounters with the marvelous and remind a modern world–one so often arid, one-dimensional, and flattened by the monopoly of the material over our consciousness–that an infinite number of worlds exist side by side.  By adopting a photographic style that is at once straightforward, deadpan, and beautiful I seek to depict a re-enchanted reality without recourse to naiveté, delusion, or hypocrisy.



My books are a significant and a growing part of my creative process.  I recommend that you check-out The Kyoudai Press

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