I am a photographer, book artist, publisher and co-founder of the Kyoudai Press—a boutique imprint that has published Lost Things, 333 Saints, and East or West. I spent my childhood in Washington DC, Bamako, Mali and Freetown, Sierra Leone, an international upbringing that significantly influences my photographic work. Each of my projects begins with a journey of exploration: among the majlis of Timbuktu’s Islamic scholars, along the Shikoku pilgrimage trail, or into the heart of a poem. The resulting work weaves a narrative about passage and transcendence, touching, transforming, and re-kindling the human spirit with a straightforward style that does not shy away from the dirt, humor, or marvelous enchantment of an imperfect reality.



My books are a significant and a growing part of my creative process.  I recommend that you check-out The Kyoudai Press

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The homepage photograph (above) is part of a new series titled “Vertigo.”